10 July, 2020

The fleet of ships inactive due to the health crisis

In 2019, world maritime trade in containers reached 160.5 million TEUs, with a world fleet capacity of just over 23.2 million TEUs, according to data handled by the consulting firm Alphaliner. In a scenario of global crisis caused by the epidemic of COVID-19, many experts suggest that currently the rates have not collapsed because of the large amount of inactive fleet that is around 2.5 [...]

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22 June, 2020

Operinter: it’s time for a new present

The outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis three months ago changed many plans, disrupted the economy and forced alternative plans to be drawn up in record time. Throughout this period, the large supply chain flows had to work harder than ever to secure all kinds of goods, especially health care equipment. Once again, logistics has proven to be essential for the world. From Operinter, a global [...]

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10 June, 2020

Port terminal automation in the era of globalization

Since the implementation of the first sea container (1956) until today, the evolution of the port sector has been remarkable. The use of new technologies and tools such as GPS, artificial intelligence, robotics or Big Data have encouraged this unprecedented transformation. In the particular case of port terminals, little by little, they have been applying systems to control processes and [...]

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14 May, 2020

E-commerce in times of coronavirus

The growth experienced by e-commerce sales during the confinement stage has reportedly increased by 50%. In addition, there have been important advances in categories, which until now have not been negligible in this channel, such as food. By country, the one that has had the greatest impact on e-commerce has been China - 67% -, followed by Singapore (46%), the United States (41%), Brazil [...]

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