16 February, 2021

Operinter Andalucía, first freight forwarder in the region to be certified as RGSEAA operator

Operinter Andalucía, with offices in Algeciras and Malaga, has just received the authorisation known as RGSEAA, that is to say, the General Sanitary Register of Food and Food Company (according to its Spanish acronym). With this certification, Alonso Group's freight forwarder becomes the first in Andalusia to obtain this administrative permit after months of work and exhaustive dedication. A [...]

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26 January, 2021

Shipping in pandemic (I): blank sailing and high freight charges

Maritime transport, and consequently the flow of containers, has been severely disrupted by the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. First because of the closing of China, and then because of the extension of the measures to contain the contagion that were taken in Western countries. In this context, many shipping companies decided to cancel some schedules and even some services. This is [...]

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12 November, 2020

Operinter markets the best solution for the transport of bulk liquids: flexitank

The flexitank, also called flexibag, is a large bag that, in a conventional 20-foot container, allows the transport of between 10,000 and 24,000 litres of any type of liquid. It is usually used in the transport of food (bulk wine, vegetable oils, juices, musts, water...), industrial oils (additives, oil, lubricants...), chemical products (disinfectants, glycerine, synthetic resin...) or [...]

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6 November, 2020

Operinter participates in #ExtendaGlobal, the meeting about internationalisation

Operinter, a benchmark international logistics operator, makes known its export potential and its know-how in foreign trade during its participation in the #ExtendaGlobal virtual forum. A meeting which will bring together the main Andalusian export companies, one of the most important sectors in the region, on 11 and 12 November 2020. During the event, organised by the Andalusian Agency [...]

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