Customs 2023

19 January, 2023

2023, a year of change for the customs sector

Customs is a key mechanism in the logistics and transport sector through which all exports and imports must pass, in order to keep track of the goods entering and [...]


The world's major airports under scrutiny

29 December, 2022

Europe’s and the world’s main cargo airports

In today's globalised world, companies must be highly competitive and adapt to increasingly demanding market conditions. In this sense, the logistics network has [...]


Operinter commercialises a new maritime service Barcelona - Costa Rica

22 December, 2022

Operinter markets a new maritime service between the port of Barcelona and Costa Rica

Operinter Barcelona, in collaboration with Alonso Forwarding Costa Rica, has begun to market a new consolidated maritime service linking the port of Barcelona with [...]


Participación de Operinter en Extenda

23 November, 2022

Operinter participates in Extenda Global, an event marked by new emerging markets

Operinter, a 360º logistics operator of international reference, has participated in a new edition of Extenda, a great meeting on global trade that has recently been [...]