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La Golden Week, la festividad más importante de China.

Operinter, an efficient partner during the Golden Week celebrations

Golden Week is the festive week celebrated in China to commemorate the birth of the Popular Republic of China. This year it will be held from 1 to 7 October, and, like any national holiday, all industries will be closed for the holiday. During these days, a multitude of sporting, cultural and leisure events and military parades take place throughout the streets of the Asian giant. It is also a time of rest, so many families take the opportunity to get together with their loved ones.

As business ceases, many of the transport operations that were already scheduled may be changed, delayed or even cancelled. In addition, during this period of time, only the minimum service of essential carriers is guaranteed, so that when operations are resumed, congestion may occur due to increased orders and shipments. Also, as the demand for goods to be exported from China increases, the prices of the routes may rise.

Operinter, as a 360º international logistics operator, has extensive experience in trade with China and, thanks to its presence in the country, can adapt to any eventuality arising from the celebration of Golden Week. Our team of professionals has extensive know-how with logistics solutions adapted to all industries. The best guarantee that any export-import operation meets its deadlines.

Presence on the main hub of world trade

In our commitment to provide worldwide coverage, Operinter is present in China through Operasia which, with seven branches in the country, is responsible for planning all operations. The company also maintains a close relationship with importers and exporters all over the world.

This means that we can continue to process shipments securely during Golden Week. Customers can also track their shipments via our website. The best way to prevent a celebration from slowing down the supply chain.

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