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Air freight transport is on the rise and is expected to grow strongly.

Air freight transport, growing and with a great forecasts

Air freight recorded a significant increase in 2021 compared to 2020 traffic. The volume of journeys grew by 6.9% compared to pre-pandemic levels and by 18.7% compared to 2020. In recent years, the air mode has gained more weight compared to other types of transport such as maritime, road or rail, as it has some advantages that differentiate it.

The main feature is speed. Aircraft take much less time to fly over the spaces and, as a result, parcels land faster. Another competitive advantage is that, thanks to air transport, geographical limitations are eliminated because aircraft can fly anywhere. The last quality is the ease of use, as this mode does not usually present major processing problems. On the other hand, it has disadvantages that make other transport options gain weight, such as costs, climate and legal limitations.

Operinter, as a 360º logistics operator with extensive experience in air transport, has competitive rates for all types of couriers. The company provides a personalised service to customers and, at all times, we take care of the paperwork from start to finish. An express transport focused on all types of industries and also e-commerce logistics. The best guarantees of an international logistics operator by land, sea and air.

Autonomous air transport

Different countries around the world are creating new systems that guarantee the best competencies in air transport, seeking to reduce costs and minimise travel time. In order to achieve this, the key is to find optimisation and efficiency within this sector in order to be able to exploit it.

Some countries have already gone further, such as China, which has tested a cargo plane that can move 400 tonnes unmanned. This invention has triggered private initiative and companies in other countries, such as the USA, are already focusing on creating a more complex means of air transport that improves current conditions. Operinter has an office in China, Operasia, a major world economic power and one of the main production centres on the planet. A privileged situation that allows us to be in all export-import markets.

Air transport forecasts optimistic

Despite the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, together with the current economic uncertainty, the volume of air cargo is beginning to show signs of recovery. In fact, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), a record volume of 68.4 million tonnes is expected to be transported by 2022. These are very optimistic forecasts for air transport worldwide and, above all, a great incentive to promote and encourage technological improvements in this type of transport.

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