Operinter, unique Logistics Partner at the Energyear Mediterránea trade fair

Operinter participates in Energyear Mediterráneo in Madrid.

Operinter will participate as Logistics Partner, next 21st and 22nd April, in Energyear Mediterránea, one of the largest forums on renewable energies worldwide. The event will bring together in Madrid managers and experts from a growing sector that is set to be one of the driving forces behind the recovery and will be key to consolidating a more sustainable economic model.

It is the only logistics operator with an active presence at this international forum, which has a capacity of 260 executives for the on-site format, while the virtual format will reach 1,000 attendees. Two days of intense conferences, workshops and meetings with executives and specialists from the renewable energy sector are planned.

The company, which forms part of the Alonso Group, will offer its vision as a logistics operator by land, sea and air with offices in the main hubs of the supply chain. An international and multifaceted vision at the service of an industry, that of renewable energies, which is currently booming and in which Operinter is positioned as a reliable logistics partner.

Operinter, the best international logistics for the energy sector

As an international forwarder, Operinter has years of experience and offers ad hoc solutions for manufacturers, importers, exporters and industries related to the renewable energy sector, both nationally and internationally. In Asia, a key point of global trade and an obligatory route in transit between the United States, the Mediterranean and the Far East, the company has an extensive network of offices -187 around the world- with professionals with extensive experience. You can book your appointment here and ensure the best newtworking!

The opportunities of the Spanish renewable energy market, under discussion

Energyear has a team of experts in charge of analysing each market to ensure that those attending the event – with high decision-making capacity – can be informed of future movements in the energy sector. An industry that plans to install 60,000 green MW in the coming years in Spain and, with this, to comply with the decarbonisation agreements set out in the Paris Agreement and in the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030. A formula that also responds to the need to offer a stable framework that attracts investment and promotes economic activity in the value chain in a scenario of recovery.

If you have any doubts about the best solution for your shipments, please contact Operinter’s Product Manager Industrial & Renewable Projects (cchova@operinter.com / +34 963 24 00 00).