Operinter en la feria Encaja 2019

Operinter’s extensive presence at the Encaja 2019 Fair

One more year Operinter has been present with a very outstanding role in the Fair Encaja 2019. This professional event, which took place at Feria Valencia on 27 and 28 February, has become an indispensable meeting point for suppliers, manufacturers and customers with common interests in the field of logistics, warehousing and distribution.

During the event a wide representation of the Operinter team was present to show potential customers, collaborators and professionals of the sector, how Operinter is able to offer logistics solutions tailored to the different industrial sectors.

Operinter has had an important image presence through several corporate containers

One of the particularities that makes the Encaja Fair special is the presence of the Demo area. A large interactive exhibition space in which the main links in the logistics chain related to distribution and storage have been faithfully reproduced.

In this way, visitors were able to learn directly and in real time about the different processes that take place inside a warehouse, from the very moment the goods arrive at its facilities, through classification, picking, packing, loading… It is in this space where the main manufacturers and suppliers have carried out demonstrations of their latest innovations in machinery and technological solutions applied to logistics.

In this Demo area dedicated to innovation, Operinter has had an important image presence through several corporate containers located at different points of the fair, which in turn have served as support for activities, colloquiums and demonstrations.

Operinter en la feria Encaja 2019


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