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Madrid Barajas - Adolfo Suárez

Madrid Barajas-Adolfo Suárez project to become an international airline hub

Madrid Barajas-Adolfo Suárez is an airport of great importance in Europe, currently ranked 12th in terms of volume of cargo handled. It plays a crucial role in air cargo transport, serving as a strategic and connecting point between different continents. Currently, this airport concentrates approximately 60% of air cargo in Spain, with 643,534 tonnes transported. In the first two months of 2024 it has grown by 38.8%. These figures make it an important logistics centre on the international scene.

In a context where airports such as Frankfurt, Istanbul-Amavutköy, Amsterdam, Paris-Charles de Gaulle and London-Heathrow are considered ‘major hubs’ for air cargo in Europe, Madrid – Barajas is at an intermediate level. A position that it intends to improve in order to reach a higher level.

In this scenario of development and drive towards international consolidation, logistics companies such as Operinter emerge as key allies in facilitating the movement of goods by air. With its experience and logistics capacity, Operinter contributes to optimising cargo flows and improving the airport’s operational efficiency, thus strengthening Madrid’s position in the air sector.

MADCargo Forum Strategic Plan

Recently, the association that promotes air cargo at Madrid Barajas-Adolfo Suárez, Foro MADCargo, unveiled its strategic plan to consolidate the airport as a major international logistics hub. This forum, which brings together various players in the logistics sector, has launched a series of measures aimed at promoting the development of the airport and its surroundings as a first class logistics hub.

Initiatives include:

Technological innovation programmes to improve operational efficiency.

– Promotion of public-private alliances for the expansion of infrastructures and services.

– Strengthen Madrid as a hub for air cargo connections between Latin America and Asia.

– Attract junior professionals by expanding the training offer with specialisation courses.

The support of logistics and transport companies is essential to successfully implement the proposals of the Foro MADCargo strategic plan. Operinter, with its experience and global network, ensures the necessary quality, efficiency and safety in air freight transport.

Airport expansion and its economic impact

The growth and strengthening of Madrid Barajas-Adolfo Suárez not only has repercussions at a local level, but also has a significant impact on the economy and connectivity at a global level.

The €2.4 billion investment for the expansion of the enclave is a milestone for the Spanish economy. This investment, to be undertaken from 2027, is crucial to strengthen Spain’s position as an important European hub, potentially generating wealth and employment in the country. According to estimates, for every 10% increase in travellers, a 4.7% increase in foreign investment, a 2.5% increase in exports and a 4% increase in tourism are expected, further underlining the strategic importance of this expansion.

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