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Air freight

Air freight boom due to tensions in the maritime sector

Air freight has seen an increase in demand and yields during the last two months of 2023 and early this year. The recent disruption of shipping lanes in the Red Sea, or the drought situation in the Panama Canal, has prompted major shippers to switch to this mode of transport.

Speed, accessibility, cargo capacity, advanced technology, extensive route network, security, schedule flexibility… are inherent characteristics of a sector that is currently expanding. Proof of this is also the fact that the main Spanish airports have closed the first month of 2024 with 91,751 tonnes of cargo, an all-time record for the first month of the year.

What does Operinter offer?

Aware of this complex situation, Operinter, a 360º international logistics operator, has reinforced in recent months its important offer of air services by offering:

  • Global connectivity and professionalism
  • Daily flights from the main Spanish airports such as Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia to destinations all over the world.
  • Agile and timely responses.
  • Availability of space for its customers’ goods.

The company’s global network, made up of branches and agents distributed in the main logistics points, guarantees the best service with a focus on safety and quality of transport. In addition, the international logistics operator 360º has a team of professionals specialised in air cargo services that serve strategic industries in different sectors on a daily basis.

E-commerce, a big boost for air freight

The boom in airfreight is not only due to global maritime circumstances, but also to the powerful push from e-commerce leaders. An industry that continues to be one of the main drivers of this type of transport, with freighter aircraft playing leading roles in these operations.

Operinter has the infrastructure and know-how to help design the integral logistics of an e-commerce business, thus streamlining the supply chain. The speed and efficiency of this service becomes crucial to meet consumer demand in real time. In this scenario, logistics innovation and air fleet expansion are strategic imperatives to keep pace with the accelerating pace of e-commerce.

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