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Operinter stands out as a logistics partner for renewable projects at Energyear 2024

The international logistics operator Operinter, has participated as a logistics partner in the leading renewable energy meeting in Spain: Energyear. The fifth edition of the congress brought together more than a thousand attendees, including more than ninety experts and industry leaders, innovators and decision makers to explore and shape the future of the renewable energy landscape.

The company, with its extensive international logistics experience in all types of transport, customised services in renewable energy projects and more than 7 GW executed in Spain, stands out in a key industry for decarbonisation.

A company for sustainability

Operinter’s commitment to the environment and sustainability goes beyond its quality management policy. The logistics operator embraces measures that guarantee efficient and environmentally friendly services such as:

– Minimisation of polluting emissions.

Optimisation of resources and proper waste management.

– Modernisation and constant development of its renewable energy services.

Improvement of its global performance through international expansion.

Promoting rail freight transport as a more ecological and efficient alternative, thus promoting intermodality and reducing the carbon footprint.

In this sense, its participation in Energyear has contributed to promoting responsible practices in the logistics field at a global level. This forum of international relevance acts as a unique platform to share knowledge and establish strategic collaborations that promote the development and adoption of clean and sustainable energy in our country.

In its last edition, numerous experts agreed on the importance for the sector of the regulatory framework, as well as the processing and obtaining of permits for the start-up of renewable energy facilities (permitting). These aspects can significantly accelerate or delay the deployment of renewable energy projects.

Great strides towards energy transition in our country

The Spanish renewable market plays a crucial role in the energy transition with significant growth in electricity generation from clean sources. In 2023, renewable energy accounted for 50.3% of total generation, while installed capacity exceeded non-renewable capacity. This drive towards clean energy is reflected in the country’s renewable capacity, which reached approximately 77,000 megawatts. A record high.

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