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Operinter participates in Andalucía Trade Global, an edition that has broken attendance records

Operinter, international logistics operator, participated in the 19th edition of Andalucía Trade Global, the largest international trade meeting held in the Andalusian region. This event has been of great help for companies to define the next steps of their strategy abroad. They have also developed B2B (Business to Business) meetings with representatives of the Andalucía Trade Global Network present in 70 markets around the world.

In this context, Operinter has had the opportunity to showcase its large international network of logistics services aimed at all types of industries and markets. The company has also demonstrated its great potential to be a strong ally in the transport of all types of goods.

Maximum participation and commercial interest

Andalucía Trade Global has concluded its 2023 edition with the highest participation records achieved in its 19 editions:

· 75 countries represented

· 1,425 professionals from 677 companies

· 1,555 B2B meetings held with the representatives of the Andalucía Trade Global Network.

The event has been a great opportunity to broaden business horizons and establish synergies in an environment that promotes exchange and collaboration between companies from different sectors and countries. The diversity of perspectives and the experiences shared during this event have been key to stimulate the international growth of the participating companies.

The United States, a big market

The market that aroused most interest among Andalusian companies was the United States, with around 150 meetings. In addition, the European bloc was the most in demand thanks to the large number of countries represented and the new additions this year, such as Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Romania.

He also highlighted the good reception given to Australia, a country that is attending this event for the first time, having recently joined the International Network in 2023. This country accounted for a large percentage of the meetings held during the event. Finally, African countries have shown great interest in Saudi Arabia as a trading partner.

In this scenario of global expansion, Operinter has stood out as a strategic and reliable logistics operator. Its presence in Andalucía Trade Global has allowed it to establish relationships with different markets, as well as to expand and consolidate its role as a key partner in the transport and management of goods at a global level.

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