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Operinter celebrates four decades of excellence in logistics

This year, which is coming to an end, Operinter, an international logistics operator, is celebrating its fortieth anniversary. From its beginnings to its current position as a benchmark in the forwarding industry, the company has left an indelible mark on the industry over four decades of commitment, innovation and service excellence.

Founded in 1983, Operinter began its trajectory with a clear vision: to offer integral logistics solutions adapted to the needs of its clients. Since then, it has experienced constant growth and has been expanding its presence nationally and internationally.

A great team, the key to success

Jose Manuel Montilla, CEO of the company, said that one of the fundamental pillars that has driven Operinter‘s success over the years has been its human team. “Such brilliant figures can only be explained thanks to the commitment, tenacity, desire and enthusiasm of all our professionals located in the main strategic points of the planet”.

In addition, the international logistics operator is always at the forefront of advanced logistics practices, constantly adopting new tools and systems to optimise its operations. From the implementation of real-time tracking systems to the use of advanced technology for administrative management.

This firm and continuous evolution of Operinter, which is part of the international holding company Alonso Group, is the best letter of introduction for a company with a great history and a promising future.

Towards a sustainable and more globalised future

On this 40th anniversary, it not only celebrates its past achievements, but looks to the future with enthusiasm and determination. Among its key objectives in the coming years is to continue to expand its presence abroad and to adapt dynamically to a constantly changing environment.

Another of its top priorities is to continue transforming transport and logistics towards a more sustainable environment. With a firm commitment to responsible and environmentally friendly practices, the company has implemented initiatives such as reducing its carbon footprint and prioritising the use of renewable energies. A philosophy based on energy efficiency for the management of all its logistics operations.

For all this, the company celebrates not only its history, but also the promise of a successful future and significant contributions to the world of global logistics.

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