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Operinter expands its offer for air freight transport

The air cargo market is one of the most dynamic and challenging at present, due to the digitalisation of the sector, policies on sustainability and the great fluctuations in the current economic panorama. Operinter has been able to combine speed, innovation and a global reach to position itself as a benchmark in air freight transport. Its focus on offering comprehensive air logistics solutions marks a milestone in its commitment to innovation and global expansion.

Operinter has recently marketed a new air service to Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile with more economical and accessible fares. An initiative that promotes exports to the American continent and provides its customers with new opportunities and options for transporting goods by air.

Development and innovation in air transport

The company is implementing strategies that aim to transform air cargo management and accessibility. These projects revolve around three key pillars:

· Efficiency and affordability: new fares for your air service in Latin America. These improved fares are designed to make air travel to these destinations more accessible and competitive.

· Sustainability: the company is working to reduce its environmental impact by improving energy efficiency in its air operations, optimising routes and adopting cleaner technologies to reduce its emissions.

· Customer satisfaction: the application of technology for real-time tracking and cargo management ensures full control over its air shipments and provides a vital competitive advantage in a market where accuracy and timeliness are essential to customer satisfaction.

In addition, the company has an extensive network of destinations, providing more flexible and cost-effective shipping options. These strategies are designed to keep Operinter at the forefront of airfreight services, ensuring all types of logistics solutions for its customers.

Connecting continents

Operinter’s internationalisation relies on an extensive network of offices and specialised professionals on five continents. This ensures that they can provide high quality services taking into account all types of logistical needs.

Its own consolidated service from China and recent expansion into Latin America are a cornerstone of this global connectivity strategy. With operations in key destinations, Operinter is building a vital bridge between markets in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa. Its strong focus on customer satisfaction and continuous innovation is opening up new routes for an increasingly connected world.

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