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The pharmaceutical industry: strategies for safe and efficient transport

Pharmaceutical products are an essential component of the healthcare sector, encompassing a wide range of medicines, vaccines, and devices. They not only facilitate the treatment and prevention of diseases but also improve quality of life and longevity.

The pharmaceutical industry, through constant innovation and advanced research, is capable of addressing emerging medical challenges over time, ensuring the availability of effective and safe treatments. Its impact extends beyond health, influencing the global economy and society by developing solutions that protect and promote public health.

Medications are the third most exported sector in Spain, generating a total of 17.457 million euros according to the latest Annual Report by Farmaindustria.

This type of product is primarily manufactured in the United States, leading in its production, with a total of $631.5 billion generated according to the latest data analysis

Other countries following the American giant on the list of regions that generate the most money thanks to pharmaceutical products are China and Japan, with $112.6 billion and $67.2 billion respectively.

Transport of pharmaceutical products

The logistics process in health products involves proper compliance with all variables, so that the shipment’s development is completed optimally.

Given that the product is so sensitive to any change or variation, the following steps should be followed:

Cold chain: the appropriate temperature for medications is between 2º and 8º Celsius. This must remain constant throughout the journey.

Good Distribution Practices (GDP): This is a guideline established by the WHO and the EMA (World Health Organization and European Medicines Agency) that outlines the necessary requirements for the proper transportation of medications, thereby preserving the quality of the product.

Therefore, some international logistics companies like Operinter have GDP certification (in the case of Operinter, for over a year), ensuring the quality of goods and transportation.

For shipping such delicate merchandise, the preferred methods are usually fast, secure, and effective. Typically, companies opt for air transportation because it meets all these criteria.

Specific transport: The vehicles responsible for shipping should be equipped with refrigeration systems to control temperatures. Additionally, they feature continuous monitoring to ensure thermal stability throughout the entire journey.

The pharmaceutical industry remains a fundamental pillar for global health and the economy. Its constant innovation and ability to adapt to challenges, such as the pandemic experienced a few years ago, demonstrate its vital importance. Companies like Operinter play a crucial role in this chain, facilitating efficient logistics and distribution of essential medications.

Thanks to their commitment to excellence and safety, Operinter ensures that pharmaceutical products reach their destination in a timely and secure manner, thereby contributing to the well-being of millions of people around the world.

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