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Operinter maintains practically its total normality in all its international and national network in spite of the situation caused by the Covid-19.

Update COVID-19

Dear Partners,

The current situation of COVID-19 is above all a human tragedy, affecting the health and well-being of millions of people. The spread of the virus is having a measurable impact on businesses around the world, as governments and health care agencies issue guidelines and restrictions in order to mitigate the spread and the impact of the disease.

Operinter provides this update to inform you of the current status and prospects of the situation and our operations.

Work activity

Operinter is committed to the safety of our employees and the ability to work for our customers as a top priority. As quarantine measures are more generalized, we have opted for teleworking, something that in Operinter is a milestone achieved long ago. Our management systems and procedures are focused on being decisive in any circumstance, and without any doubt, to place our best asset, our human team, where it is required, which is taking care of their families and therefore, of everyone’s.


Spain: The current logistical situation develops almost as usual, despite being subject to changes, and we are prepared to give agile and diligent responses. Up to now, we have been able to satisfy the needs of our customers and maintain a high level of quality of service in shipping operations through our network, and we will surely be able to continue doing so with guarantees. All of our facilities, ports and carriers are fully operative. However, land transport in these last hours is being affected by restrictions in loading and unloading
operations, warehouse hours and land border closings, which do not prevent operations but, obviously, can delay them. Likewise, Customs Authorities are taking measures that will make operations at the entry and exit points smoother, since the security measures for workers cause the procedures to be slower than usual.

China: Our offices in China are open and fully operational for your business. Blank sailings are no longer a constant and operations are almost completely restored, although the situation of collapse from the past weeks, and currently in the rest of the world, implies sea and air services are not working at their best. China is recovering its rhythm, and it is obvious that it directly affects to all of us, due to its importance in the world economy. We understand that this situation is very positive and hopeful.

Rest of the World: Our offices are already prepared to introduce staggered work shifts and allow teleworking to fulfill our duties with security and to protect our staff. All our branches have updated information about Coronavirus. We are fully committed and prepared to comply with regulatory requirements and policies designed to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Although the situation depends on specific offices and areas, generally speaking, it is under control.


Our commercial teams are fully operational, looking after the interests of each customer and always at their disposal to solve any question, query or request for quotes and / or services. Remember, our Customer Service and Commercial teams are available to assist you when you need it.

Regards, Operinter Team.

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