International Transport

Regular consolidated freight service from Qingdao to Valencia

Operasia has started to commercialize the most stable and fastest consolidated service that exists linking the ports of Qingdao (China) and Valencia. With a weekly periodicity and a transit time of approximately 35 days, the management at origin of the cargo is carried out with the help of intelligent robots in one of the most modern warehouses in China.

The facilities where operations are carried out are some of the largest and most experienced in the area. In addition, the experience, the unmatched level of service and the most advanced technology we have to control cargo flows, allow us to follow all customer needs from a simple operation to a more complex one.

Almacén de Operinter en Qingdao

Robots, QR and real-time tracking

The warehouse has a “robot workstation” section. These robots select the load by PO or defined criteria, placing the goods in a specific area where subsequent operations will be performed.

By scanning the QR code on the floor and on the shelves, the robots continue their work of locating and selecting the correct load. The robots then transport the cargo stopping at the right place and queuing to load it into the container.

Almacén de Operinter en Qingdao


Operasia works mainly with the weekly direct service MSC/Maersk Line and a transit time of about 34-36 days. This is the fastest and most reliable program on the market, from Qingdao to Valencia.

Local fee to loaders

Competitive rates at market level.

Destination service

Our VLC office will take care of the distribution of the cargo after the arrival of the vessel.

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