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Operinter's international network covers four of the five continents.

Operinter’s international network, the best option for global trade

After having developed an extensive network of offices in Spain, since its foundation in 1983, in recent years Operinter has been consolidating its international delegations. These offices are strategically located in the main centres of the world trade logistics activity.

Today the company is present in four of the five continents. In America it has offices in Bogotá (Colombia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Havana (Cuba), Lima (Peru) and the last two incorporations, Mexico DF and Guadalajara. In Europe, they are concentrated in Portugal (Lisbon and Porto), also in Perpignan, France.

As for the African continent, Operinter has offices in Tunisia and Tangier (Morocco), whose recently enlarged port, Tangier Med 2, is already a competitor of the port of Algeciras Bay in terms of size, stability and geographical location.

Operinter is present in four of the five continents.
Operinter is present in four of the five continents.

Asia: key point in the routes of the big shipping companies

Asia is a key point of global trade and an obligatory route in the itineraries of the large shipping companies that connect the US and the Mediterranean with the Far East. This is the reason why Operinter’s network is very extensive in the Asian continent and in all the offices it has a wide network of professionals with proven experience and a high degree of knowledge of the different markets in which they operate. The aim is to offer a quality service regardless of customer needs.

Operinter is present in Delhi and Mumbai (India), Seoul (South Korea) and up to seven cities in China: Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xiamen.

More than 35 years of experience

Thanks to this commitment to the foreign sector, and with the backing of more than 35 years of experience, it can be said that the company is a leading integral logistics operator in Spain. In addition to its activity as a freight forwarder, it offers tailor-made logistics solutions that include all stages of the logistics chain. In recent years, and aware of the important role of e-commerce, has begun to provide services in this area, especially in matters related to the last mile.

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