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Operinter, at the forefront of health logistics to combat COVID-19

Operinter participates in the implementation of one of the health corridors Spain-China

Operinter has coordinated the logistics of one of the sanitary air corridors, currently underway, between Spain and China. In this operation, large aircraft are being used to import medical material, mainly masks, destined for pharmacies or large companies in our country.

The sanitary corridor has planned four flights, throughout this month of April, which will allow a total of 25 million sanitary masks to arrive in Spain. For the moment, this weekend, two flights have already landed at the Madrid-Barajas airport from Guangzhou (China) with a load, in each of them, of four million personal protection masks.

The third of the cargo planes is scheduled to arrive in Madrid on Thursday 23 April and the material will be distributed, in addition to the Spanish capital, in Valencia, A Coruña and Málaga. Finally, on the 26th, the fourth of the planned flights will land.

Operinter: great presence in China

Operinter, as a global logistics operator through the international brand Alonso Forwarding has a strong presence in China (Operasia). Specifically, it has up to seven branches in the most important cities: Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Qindao, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xiamen.

The company, which is part of Alonso Group, is very closer with the operation of the Chinese market and has extensive experience in import-export traffic with the Asian giant. This makes Operinter the ideal partner for this type of operation, such as sanitary air corridors, which require precision, efficiency and coordination.

The efficiency of air logistics, uncovered

Since the outbreak of the global health crisis caused by COVID-19, air transport has become, due to its efficiency and speed, a key element in guaranteeing the supply and provision of medical or pharmaceutical products. In this sense, Alonso Group, as well as the other logistics companies that make up the holding, have been strengthening their structures to adapt to this situation and ensure the proper functioning of the national and international supply chain.

Since mid-March, when the health crisis caused by COVID-19 began, Alonso Group, through numerous companies that are part of the holding, has been joining different initiatives to combat the virus, through teamwork, and thus be able to mitigate the globally serious impact.

Picture of the material coming from China at Madrid-Barajas airport
Picture of the material coming from China at Madrid-Barajas airport

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