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Flexitank, the most efficient solution for the transport of bulk liquids.

Operinter markets the best solution for the transport of bulk liquids: flexitank

The flexitank, also called flexibag, is a large bag that, in a conventional 20-foot container, allows the transport of between 10,000 and 24,000 litres of any type of liquid.

It is usually used in the transport of food (bulk wine, vegetable oils, juices, musts, water…), industrial oils (additives, oil, lubricants…), chemical products (disinfectants, glycerine, synthetic resin…) or any other type of liquid as long as it is not identified as dangerous or harmful.

Operinter, as an international logistics operator of reference, markets this specialised transport service aimed at all types of industries. In this way it guarantees that the goods arrive in perfect condition at their final destination.

Advantages of the use of flexitank

Some of the main benefits of the use of flexitank are

-It can be applied in long distance transport, either by road, rail or sea. No need for a forklift.

-The filling and emptying time is relatively fast (up to 700 litres per minute).

-The transport is clean and aseptic. There is no risk of contamination of the load.

-Thanks to the fact that the goods can be loaded in bulk, the capacity of the container that holds the same product increases considerably compared to a standard 20′ container.

No forklift needed.


Another reason for Operinter‘s commitment to flexitank is its respect for the environment, as it is a component manufactured from low carbon material and its elements are 100% recyclable. It also avoids the use of carafes, IBCs or other types of containers with metal or plastic.

The most common flexitank is the multi-layer one, which has between 4 and 5 layers of polyethylene inside and one of polypropylene outside. Its main advantage is that each layer is very thin and flexible. This facilitates the subsequent unloading when rolling up the semi-empty flexitank and does not leave any kind of loss in the bag.

If you have any doubt about which is the best solution for your shipments you can contact Operinter’s commercial department  ( / +34 664 270 568)

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