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Operinter strengthens its international ceramic business

Operinter Castellón is a key player in the relationship between the tile sector and the Asian continent. During the last year, the opening of new delegations strategically located in India, has allowed to increase the ceramic traffic of the freight forwarder in both directions.

Castellón has become the main supplier and also customer of the ceramic sector in India, a country in which very high quality standards are demanded of goods and where producers from Castellón have found their place with important agreements with Indian manufacturers and suppliers.

Operinter Castellón has been working for more than three years to establish the logistical support to make this commercial relationship a reality. At the moment Operinter Castellón is already one of the reference freight forwarders in terms of management of operations with origin or destination India, connecting Castellón with the tile area of Morbi in Gujarat, the most industrialized state in India.

Having our own offices in India has been one of the keys to strengthen Operinter’s presence in the ceramic sector.

In this sense, having its own staff and offices managed through Alonso Logistics India has been one of the keys to achieving an efficient and quality flow that allows the export of raw materials and/or finished product from Spain and also imports from India.

As Gabriel Beltrán, Director of Operinter Castellón explains, “for the client it is a plus of confidence to know that our staff in India will look after their goods and is available to advise them on the spot and throughout the transit to their final destination”.

Turkey and the promotion of diversification

Another of the areas where Operinter Castellón’s activity is growing the most is Turkey. Taking advantage of the existence of different traffic and regular lines directly connected to the port of Castellón, it is possible to provide a service that in just one week of transit allows a regular and very competitive traffic with this country that serves as a gateway to the Asian continent. In the case of Turkey, as Beltrán indicates, “the auxiliary industry is being the leading force to strengthen and develop our business: machinery, raw materials, packaging…”

Thanks to the impulse and the experience acquired through the international tile trade, Operinter Castellón has taken advantage to continue working in what its director calls the “promotion of diversification”. In recent years the company has been consolidating its market share in business areas such as textiles, furniture or toys, but with the establishment of new offices in South America, India and Africa, has also incorporated new workflows. “At the beginning the bulk of our turnover was concentrated on imports, but thanks to the development of these new commercial segments and the direct presence in the province of Castellón, we have progressively relaunched exports”, points out Beltrán.

This increase in Operinter Castellón’s turnover has been reflected in a growth in its staff of professionals and the number of international collaborators that allow it to cover traffic almost anywhere in the world. For its director, this growth is a symptom of going in the right direction: “We began our journey in Castellón three years ago, but we have already been forced to increase the workforce gradually, to strengthen departments such as traffic and sales as our turnover has increased considerably.

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