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Operinter at the service of the logistic chain by Covid-19.

Operinter coordinates transport of medical material from China to Barcelona

Operinter Barcelona has been in charge of coordinating the logistics of sending medical material from China to Barcelona requested by the Barcelona Provincial Council. An important consignment consisting of a total of 200,000 protective masks, 10,000 personal protective equipment (PPE), 1,000 glasses and 200,000 gloves, all with their corresponding guarantee certificate.

An operation carried out by air and land, in collaboration with different Catalan institutions. The logistic work has been developed with great efficiency and speed with the objective of distributing as soon as possible the sanitary material to the personnel that is taking care of the people affected by the Covid-19. The management of Operinter Barcelona wanted to highlight the company’s rapid response after receiving the order: “These are times in which working in a coordinated, fast and efficient manner is essential. We all have to try to contribute and support each other in these difficult times”.

This is an order from the different departments of the Barcelona Provincial Council, which has meant maximum involvement to reduce coordination times both on arrival and during customs clearance and delivery. The arrival at the airport, dispatch and distribution to the final destination, carried out during the weekend, has been carried out urgently and disinterestedly by the company in order to collaborate as much as possible in this fight against the coronavirus.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, Operinter has shown, like the rest of Alonso Group‘s companies, its total awareness of the emergency situation in which we find ourselves and has mobilized part of its resources to make its contribution to the fight against this epidemic on a global scale.

Logistics to support workers in essential services

ll this health material from China is going to be destined to those essential service workers in the province of Barcelona who, at this moment, are fighting on the front line against the Covid-19. Specifically, health professionals, local police officers, home care service personnel, cleaning brigades, civil protection workers, funeral homes, remote assistance and other basic care departments.

Operinter, an essential part of the supply chain operation

Despite the current situation, marked by this deep health crisis, Operinter has continued to support all its agents, customers, partners and collaborators as an essential piece in the operation of the national and international supply chain. Logistics is an essential activity that, in times of crisis, becomes even more necessary.


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