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Operinter Andalucía, certified as RGSEAA

Operinter Andalucía, first freight forwarder in the region to be certified as RGSEAA operator

Operinter Andalucía, with offices in Algeciras and Malaga, has just received the authorisation known as RGSEAA, that is to say, the General Sanitary Register of Food and Food Company (according to its Spanish acronym). With this certification, Alonso Group‘s freight forwarder becomes the first in Andalusia to obtain this administrative permit after months of work and exhaustive dedication. A task of the Overseas Export area, led by Lorena Bayo (manager).

What is the RGSEAA?

The General Sanitary Register of Food and Food Companies (RGSEAA. in the Spanish acronym) is a database of an informative nature and is managed by the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN, in the Spanish acronym), a body under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. The RGSEAA compiles all the companies in the food sector authorised and certified to work at national level.

With this new step, Operinter meets one of the most demanding standards in the logistics chain of essential goods and qualifies it to act as a warehouseman, distributor, packer, multi-purpose importer and transporter, both temperature-controlled and non-temperature-controlled. In short, a new added value for the company which, with this service, manages to differentiate itself even more and continue its work at the service of any type of industry.

Essential logistics, a rising value

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, the effects were also felt in world trade traffic by land, sea and air, with widespread declines. However, there was one exception to this trend: essential logistics did manage to save the day. Indeed, according to some estimates, refrigerated container traffic by sea will reach 156 million tonnes in 2024. This forecast represents an average of 3.7% over the next few years. The logistics of essential goods has become more essential than ever and global operators, such as Operinter Andalucía, are aware of this.

Legal regulations

The legal basis of the RGSEAA is Royal Decree 191/2011, of 18 February, which stipulates that all food establishments based in Spain (and even companies with registered offices in Spain even if they do not have establishments here) that produce, transform, prepare, pack, store, distribute, import or transport food intended for human consumption are obliged to have this certification.

Lorena Bayo, Overseas Export Manager Andalucía
Lorena Bayo, Overseas Export Manager Andalucía

Teamwork fits perfectly!

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