E-commerce is becoming increasingly important for the logistics sector.

The management of an e-commerce, what does it mean?

The integral management of an e-commerce implies having adequate infrastructures and knowledge that help the logistic process to develop successfully. In fact, the new consumer purchasing habits demand more agile deadlines where last mile logistics play a fundamental role.

In Operinter we are specialists in adapting to market needs and customers. Since our inception we have been characterized by constant growth which has made us one of the reference forwarders nationally and internationally. Now, aware that e-commerce is going to play an increasingly important role, we have specialists in this area. The objective is that each client feels that it is as if he will deliver it himself.


Some of the keys for the integral management of an e-commerce are:

1- Preparation of orders. It is a question of having adapted logistic platforms with personnel specialized in picking and preparation of orders, packing, verification of orders of shipment and management of delivery notes.

2- Stock management. It is important to have digital information systems that allow to know in real time which is the state of the merchandise.

3- Last mile logistics. It is necessary to work to put all the means of transport more suitable in order to guarantee an agile, precise and punctual delivery in function of the destiny and volume of each shipment.

4 – Warehousing. The warehouses must be adapted to any type of volume, whether it is a small unit or a large quantity. This means having storage solutions: short-stay, cross-docking or long-stay.

Main market trends

Experts already warn that the activity of companies in the sector in the short and medium term in e-commerce will be marked by the development of ultra-fast delivery services, the improvement of last mile services and the establishment of networks of delivery points, mailboxes or automatic ticket offices. In terms of figures, the logistics market for e-commerce, which includes storage, transport and distribution linked to commercial operations on the Internet, reached 1,550 million euros in 2018, representing an increase of 19.2% over the previous year.

Environmental impact

The environmental impact is another issue that is also being taken into account right now, as new environmental requirements mean that solutions are becoming more and more respectful. In fact, urban minihubs are appearing which act as warehouses from which deliveries are made on foot, by bicycle or in electric vehicles.

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