New work session of the Barcelona Port sustainability plan

Operinter Barcelona is one of the companies adhered to the Sustainability Plan of the Port of Barcelona. Last October, a working day was held with the aim of sharing good sustainability practices and finding synergies and common projects. In this way, the joint activity of the companies that make up the port community will adapt to the new challenges involved in the correct management of resources and human teams.

The aim of these conferences is to share good sustainability practices and find synergies and common projects.

The working session was structured in three parts. First, the good sustainability practices of each of the participating companies were shared. In this part we worked in groups of 6 people who shared the good practices while a person from the Port Authority of Barcelona, who acted as facilitator, made some summary sheets of each initiative.

After the work by tables, the facilitators presented the initiatives to all the attendees and they were classified according to the three dimensions of sustainability: Environmental value, Social value and Economic value. By pooling all the good practices, it became clear that the Port Community has many initiatives underway that are worth putting into value and knowledge of the same companies that are adhering to the Sustainability Plan and also of the different interest groups.

Teamwork fits perfectly

Afterwards, the participants were able to reflect and share with the participating companies which are the strengths and assets that allow them to carry out sustainability initiatives and projects and which ideas can be extracted from the experiences. This part had two objectives: on the one hand, it sought to find synergies with other companies and organizations that are already doing similar initiatives, to study whether they do something together and thus achieve mutual benefits.

The second objective was to initiate some new initiative jointly, in the line of sustainability and to satisfy the initiatives of the different interest groups. Thus, the session concluded with an extensive list of proposals, collaborative projects and synergies, which in a short period of time will become new realities.

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