Operinter has shown his kindest and most supportive face.

Operinter shows its most supportive side with various contributions

Operinter continues to show its most supportive face for the benefit of the most fragile or disadvantaged groups in society. Proof of this has been its recent collaboration with two NGOs: the Fundación Aladina and the Association of Relatives of Alzheimer’s Disease in Valencia (AFAV). These were two far-reaching campaigns, one of national scope and the other more local in nature.

These actions are part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) area of the Alonso Group‘s freight forwarder and show how, in addition to being a reference logistics operator at national and international level, it has strong convictions that make it close to those who need it most.

Fundación Aladina

Operinter Madrid has collaborated with this organization that is dedicated to the comprehensive support of children, adolescents and families with cancer. They offer psychological, emotional and material assistance thanks to a team of professionals, in addition to the volunteers themselves. In addition, Aladina carries out major works and improvements in public hospitals. In fact, in December 2016, the foundation inaugurated the new children’s ICU at the Niño Jesús Hospital in Madrid.

This is not the first time that Operinter Madrid has collaborated with this organization, which was founded in 2005 by Paco Arango. At the end of this year, coinciding with the Christmas period, the company plans to collaborate with the foundation again.

AFAV Association

Moreover, from Operinter Valencia, they have made an economic contribution to the AFAV association (Association of Relatives of Alzheimer’s Disease in Valencia) which is made up of patients, relatives, professionals, volunteers and collaborators who fight to improve the quality of life of those affected by this degenerative disease. It brings together more than 8,000 people and also works to raise social awareness of Alzheimer’s.

Thanks to the generosity and effort of all Operinter Valencia’s workers, the organization has planned two cultural outings for patients and their families. One of them will be a visit to the Carmen’s Museum in Valencia for patients in the very early stages of the disease, and the other will be a more leisurely excursion.

The rest of the contribution will be used to renovate and purchase handicraft and stationery materials for educational workshops during the first months of this year.

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