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Air Transport

We transport your goods to any point in the world

At Operinter we are aware of the importance of your urgent shipments, and that is why we have a professional team in the area of air transport with more than 10 years of experience fully involved with the needs of its customers.

Thanks to our IATA certification (International Air Transport Association Airport Certification), we offer a simplification of transport processes while guaranteeing the most competitive prices, negotiating directly with the airlines.

We have our own consolidated service from China, as well as the possibility of coordinating from/to the rest of the world through our network of agents and our own offices. Also in Operinter we have a close relationship with major airlines with guaranteed spaces in their aircraft. Once in the airport of destination we try to minimize the time of customs clearance as well as delivery at the final destination.

Given the relevance of this transport for multiple sectors and types of companies, we have created our complete air transport network focusing on safety and quality of service to avoid any impediment to the optimal performance of your company.

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